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1 Oct

I am a reader, an avid researcher, an endless Internet searcher, a blog enthusiast. I have consulted online sources for every project from planning our wedding to re-doing our master bathroom. When my husband and I decided to adopt, I immediately turned to my favorite research tool and spent hours with my trusty laptop.

I found some great blogs out there posted by people in the process of adopting, but most of them were very specific to that particular adoption, the sort of blog designed to update family and friends about their journey. I like that kind of blog a lot; I had a blog like that while planning our wedding. I tried to offer to tutorials and helpful hints, but it was mostly about my daily activities while preparing our almost totally DIY wedding (we hired only one vendor, the venue/caterer, for the entire shebang).

But the kind of blog I like most is one that relates general information about a subject with how-tos, personal stories and news related to the subject at hand.

While confined to bed with strep throat this summer, I became obsessed with Young House Love, a blog written by a couple in nearby Richmond, Va.

To say that Susan has become obsessed with John, Sherry and Baby Clara is an understatement

During my hours convalescing, I spent my time reading back posts on their blog and chronicling the couple as they bought their first house, spent four years renovating it, getting married in the backyard, having a baby, buying their second house, moving with an infant and beginning the process of renovating all over again.

One day, a few weeks later, it occurred to me that the world of adoption was missing that style of blog – one that offers information about adoption generally, using the specifics of a single adoption as the starting point. Over dinner, I proposed the idea to Don. As a co-owner and the current editor-in-chief of www.WeLoveDC.com, a hyperlocal blog about living the nation’s capital, he’s no stranger to the concept.

Thus, Sweet Little Nest was born. OK, there were about a million steps between that dinner and launch, but in about a month’s time we were ready for our first post.

So thanks for joining us as we embark on our path to create a family. We’ll try our best to offer you a practical road map, using our journey as the example. Naturally we know that every adoption story is unique so we’ll look for all sorts of ways to provide useful information for everyone considering adoption. And, since our goal here is not just to successfully adopt, but ultimately to become parents, we’ll cover topics relevant to that as well.

I hope this first post is evidence that we’re trying to do things a little differently around here. Most adoption blogs start with a post called something like “We’re Adopting”.  Our first post is more along the lines of “We’re Blogging.”

If you have any advice or questions, please let us know. You can e-mail us or post a comment on any post. Please note that because adoption is a very personal and sensitive subject and because we want to try to cut down on spam, we’re going to start out by moderating comments – but we really want to hear from you. I promise.

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