Why Was I Adopted?

3 Oct

As I have mentioned, I was adopted as a baby. When  I was in third grade or so (note to self: ask mom and dad about this), my parents shared my adoption story with me and gave me this book:

It became a favorite right away and we read it a lot. I got that book nearly 30 years ago and I still remember it. It was humorous and well illustrated, and told an honest story about adoption. I can still remember my dad and I giggling over a passage that said becoming a parent was not as easy as getting a baby from a gum ball machine.

Sadly, the book is out of print … though I think my parents still have our copy and I hope it joins our library one day. What are the new books for explaining adoption to your child? Are there new classics out there? What should we add our to list?

By the way, Amazon has used copies of “Why Was I Adopted?” if you’re interested. I have no idea how well it holds up in terms of relevant content all these years later, but it made a big impact at the time I received it.

UPDATE: My dad say I was younger than third grade. Maybe second grade, or even first. Either way, we loved the book. There’s a part in the book about why some birth mothers place children and one example is that they are too young, maybe even teenagers. Dad informs me that I thought that part was particularly silly. “Teenagers can’t raise babies. They don’t know anything about babies.”

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