Infertility and Adoptions

4 Oct

I’ve gone into great detail about the medical condition that helped lead us to adoption, but I haven’t discussed the fact that this apparently makes us pretty rare. I can’t seem to find exact statistics (maybe Don will research it for us since he loves nothing better than a good online document review), but it’s pretty evident that the overwhelming majority of infant adoptions in the U.S. occur as a result of infertility.

According to information from, infertility is a major factor in modern adoptions and has been on the increase for 30 years. When I was adopted in the 70s, about 56 percent of adoptive mothers had no biological children at the time of the adoption. By 1995 that number had increased to 62 percent. It’s hard to draw conclusions about infertility from those numbers. After all, I don’t have fertility issues and I won’t have any biological children at the time of our adoption.

I’ve also seen plenty of online chatter claiming that some agencies will only accept couples with infertility into their infant adoption programs. I certainly hope that’s not a struggle we face down the road. After all, I may be capable of conception, but even the FDA knows that it would be a bad idea.  Plus, we know other couples who have adopted because of genetic disorders they do not want to pass along to biological offspring. And in many states, though sadly not our own, gay couples can adopt infants. And what about single people who choose adoption?

Are you, like me, considering adoption because of a medical condition faced by you or a spouse? Do you fall into one of the other not-infertile-but-not-equipped-to-conceive categories like same-sex couples and single folks? Did you face extra challenges along the way? For couples who do struggle with infertility, did you take other measures before you considered adoption? How long did you work on your fertility complications before exploring other options?

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