Every Other Car on the Road

6 Oct

Mitch and Cam’s social worker has bad timing. (Image courtesy of ABC.com)

You know how when you buy a new car you think to yourself that you’ve never seen your particular combination on the road before? Like, for example, “I’ve never seen a Sky Blue Jetta with Light Grey Interior before.” And then you buy it and you see it everywhere – on the road, in parking lots, your neighbor has been driving one for 6 months.

That’s how I suddenly feel about TV adoptions. Three shows I watch opened their fall season with major adoption story lines.

Youngest sister Julia and her husband Joel are in the process of adopting a baby. When the season ended last year, Julia had just told Joel she wanted to adopt. When the season opened, the couple was making their second video blog after six months of not being contacted by anyone. Given that another character on the show is nearing the end of a pregnancy announced at the same time, the timeline seems accurate enough. If they were extremely well organized, Julia and Joel could have flown through their home study in two months.

In the first episode of this season, Julia discovers the latte girl at her office is expecting and is not planning to “keep it”. She’s overcome with the urge to offer to buy the baby (Julia’s words, not mine) … and in episode two she makes the formal request. Even though her initial offer is rejected, I expect that’s what the season has in store for us – Julia and Latte Girl reaching some kind of open adoption agreement. Time will tell.

Modern Family
Darling Lilly’s parents, Mitch and Cam, have decided to adopt their second child -  a boy. In the season opener, their parent profile book is referenced at the beginning and the couple is hoping to take a few manly photographs to show that they will be good parents for a baby boy. In the second episode, they tell the rest of the family about their plans and worry that Lilly isn’t going to respond well to competition. It does have a pretty fabulous scene with sparklers and “Let’s Hear it for the Boy”.

Grey’s Anatomy
At the end of last season Meredith and Dr. McDreamy decided to adopt a baby who had been brought to Seattle from Africa for surgery because, you know, it’s that easy. In what seems like a nearly impossible turn of events, the couple is given temporary custody before their home study is complete (before they even have a home, really) and likely in defiance of all sorts of international law. Oh – and did I mention Dr. McD left Meredith at the end of the episode? So, this season begins with the couple shuttling the baby back and forth and keeping the arrangement from the social who does, of course, get wind of it. Baby Zola is taken away pending an investigation.

Award for most realistic portrayal goes to: Parenthood. While things seemed to have progressed pretty quickly on the home study / paperwork end of things for Julia, they seemed to have nailed the agony of the waiting period pretty well. I sure wish they hadn’t introduced the phrase “buy a baby” into the script, but I will reserve judgement as we see how the season plays out.

Most likely to set back international adoption law 20 years (if  TV were real life): Grey’s Anatomy. I failed to mention that Meredith may or may not have kidnapped the baby at one point.

Least likely to make me cry at any point this season: Modern Family. Here’s hoping that the show lives up the Emmy hype and tackles the subject with humor and grace.

Are you watching these shows or any other with adoption themes this season?


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