Less than Gleeful

8 Oct

In a recent post, I mentioned that three shows I’m watching this season opened with adoption story lines.

Go ahead and add a fourth to mix, though they don’t trot it out until episode two.

Teenage Quinn is struggling to find her place in the world after quitting New Directions and the Cheerios. In episode two we learn that the reason she’s feeling so dejected is because she placed her newborn child with a rival school’s Glee advisor (who, Gleeks will remember, is actually Quinn’s rival Rachel’s birth mother) and doubts her decision. Birth father Puck is allowed to meet the child and encouraged to begin to build a long-term relationship, but Quinn is denied access until she cleans up her act and starts acting a mature young woman. She does, but whispers to Puck she’s only doing it to win “full custody”.

I nearly exploded. She never parented. She didn’t lose custody. There’s nothing to win back. The baby has a birth certificate that lists the mother … and it’s not Quinn.

I understand that the show is taking liberties because down the road Quinn is going to learn these facts, but it still set me on edge. If that was the only thing about this adoption that they were misconstruing, it would be one thing … but the entire placement was screwy to begin. Shelby and Quinn basically decide at the hospital that Shelby is going to parent the little girl and she takes her right home. No home study, no social worker, no foster situation, no state approval. Just, “Sign here Ms. Corcoran and she’s all yours.”


I mean, really. Grr.

Are you watching Glee this season? Am I being too sensitive (I am both an adult adoptee and a hopeful adoptive parent, remember) or does it raise your blood pressure a little, too?

Let’s file this one in the Most Likely to Make My Blood Boil category, shall we?

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