Online Dating for Babies

9 Oct

At one of the agency open houses we attended, a social worker offered several suggestions for creating a profile book or prospective parent website. She acknowledged that there’s no tested formula, but that there were several common themes she had observed in her years of working in the field of adoption.

We started thinking of these as the best practices and rolling them out at dinner parties to entertain our friends when they asked how our adoption was going. It occurred to us that preparing your online parent profile was a lot like making an online dating profile – both involve presenting the very best version of your personality and life in order to get someone to pick you for a long-term relationship. Essentially, we announced each time we rolled out these best practices, creating the profile was basically online dating for babies.

Though, technically, it’s more like online dating for birth moms … but you get the idea.

Here are two of the crazier suggestions she offered up. Remember – these are not my own suggestions. I’ve included our reaction below her advice. Do with them what you will.

  1. Social Worker: Do you have dog? Include him in the discussion of your family and home life and definitely include a picture.
    Don and Susan: We don’t have a dog. Susan is allergic.
    Social Worker: Can you borrow one for your photos?
    Don and Susan: …
  2. Social Worker: You should include a picture of the will-be nursery, but don’t have it set up as a nursery. In fact, don’t have it set up at all. It’s best if the room is empty.
    Don and Susan: Seriously?
    Social Worker: Well, maybe you could place a large stuffed animal in the corner. Oh – with a ribbon on its neck.  
    Don and Susan: …

She did have lots of other advice that seemed more reasonable, but these were among the ideas that made us laugh.

Did you get any funny advice about drafting your adoption profiles? How did you decide what photos to use and how much detail to provide up front?

Please look after this bear by gazzat

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