Dress for Success

31 Oct

As long as I posted the outfit I wore to our first home study interview, here’s what I’m wearing tomorrow when we meet for the second time. 

Dress, Target (I think; it’s about 7 years old). Jean Jacket, The Limited. Shoes, Kenneth Cole. Bracelet, Old Navy. Tights, DKNY.

These “what I wore” posts may seem silly. They are, in fact. BUT, they do bolster my own power of recollection so I don’t repeat myself. Not that it would matter if I did. ‘Cause, you know, no one is going to notice but me and it’s the last thing our social worker cares about.

However, they also keep my mind occupied and there is real value in that. I have a tendency to over-think and complicate everything … so making these little images is just fun way to pass time in between interviews and the various steps along the way. 

By the way, the first interview was great. I didn’t cry. Don didn’t crack radically inappropriate jokes. We probably talked too much. So, Don was right. I’ll tell you more about it in subsequent posts.

2 Responses to “Dress for Success”

  1. Chris VR November 16, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    I actually think this is great. Bookmark this in your mind and go back and reread it at some point after you have a child. They you can sigh nostagically and remember when you had time to do stuff like this. I really don’t mean this in the condescending way it may come across!

    I love my kids to death but I miss having time for stuff that’s just silly and fun and not feeling guilty that you’re not spending that time doing something else. It’s a minor tradeoff but I miss just being bored!

    • susan November 16, 2011 at 11:16 pm #

      Ha ha! This made me laugh out loud. Right now, I’m looking forward to those crazy days to come … but I’m sure when they arrive I will kick myself for not enjoying the downtime more when I could.

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