Part Three: Picking an Agency for the Home Study (Or How We Fell in Love with The Datz Foundation)

11 Jan

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courtesy of joe fakih gomez

When Don and I started going to open houses in an attempt to pick our home study agency, we really had no idea what to expect. Everyone had told us we’d get a feeling when we found the right agency. We didn’t initially believe it, but it happened.

After visiting the first agency we decided against international adoption for a whole host of reasons.

Agency open house #2 turned out to be the one we ultimately decided on for our home study, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I found the agency by googling. We didn’t know anyone who had used them and their website was not super slick … but there was something about the basic presentation of the information online that appealed to me. Also, if I’m totally honest, I liked that they had a weekend open house not too far from our home. Okay, it might not be the best way to pick an agency, but we had to narrow down our choices in some manner. Also, I figured an agency that makes it easy for us to get to know them is probably going to be pretty easy to work with later on.

So, on August 21, 2010 we met some of the good folks at The Datz Foundation at open house in Falls Church, Va.

Right away we liked what they had to say. They were straight forward and calm. The presentation was not filled with drama. They answered questions honestly and simply.

We were kind-of sold.

Later on (much later on), we learned from others that all the reasons we chose The Datz Foundation are the reasons everyone chooses them. That business-like, no nonsense approach appeals to some families more than others.

We went to one more open house and then it took us another year to make any real progress, but the decision was more or less made that day. We just hadn’t realized it yet.

In part four we’ll finally re-visit the only truly negative experience we’ve had so far in this process. Ugh.

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