Dad Challenges Green Card Status to Stay in U.S. with His Family

13 Jan

Photo courtesy of doug the trail builder
courtesy of doug the trail builder

Today my co-worker, Kate, sent me a link to an article about her high school French teacher. He’s a French national, a community college professor, a Harrisburg resident and the father of four lovely children, all adopted by Frederick and his partner of 22 years, Mark.

This week they had to go to court to defend their marriage of four years in order to prevent Fred’s deportation. While marriage laws are established by the states, along with adoption laws, immigration officials are barred from recognizing the marriages of same sex individuals under the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

From Philadelphia magazine:

But theirs is a story not only about the federal government’s lack of recognition of same-sex marriage, but the legal limbo that it creates for same-sex bi-national couples with children. During the two decades together, they
have adopted four beautiful children. But a patchwork of incoherent legislation means that while they are recognized legally as same-sex adoptive parents in Pennsylvania, the federal government refuses to recognize their marriage.

I hope I don’t have to explain how tragic this is for Fred and Mark’s family. For Fred and Mark all we can do is offer hope, good thoughts, prayers – whatever form of emotional support you can spare. The outcome they hope for at this time is that the immigration office places their case into abeyance for the time being and a federal court rules on the constitutionality of DOMA soon.

But for other families - those with and without children - who might face this battle in the future, we can do more.

Read more about Fred and Mark (how they met, how they became dads and what it’s like to face down U.S. immigration officials over the validity of your marriage) on The DOMA Project: Stop the Deportations.

Next week I promise to be back with some happy, fun stories.

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