Sprucing Up the Nest, Part 1

16 Jan

Remember how we’re in the midst of a BIG renovation project upstairs? Well, it’s ALMOST done. We’re living upstairs now and while we still need some electrical work (there are no lights in bathroom) and some plumbing (one of our vanities arrived cracked, we need a piece of marble for the drop in tub and the shower door is not installed yet), it looks pretty good up there.

So good in fact, that we’re actually working on finishing touches – like hanging curtains and making art.

Here’s a really fun and simple art project I made for the one-day nursery.

First I picked up a mess of paint chips from the local Home Depot:

I hauled out my crafty hole punches:


And I punched circles out of the chips:


Once I had all the circles I needed in a variety of sizes (and then some), I was ready to begin:


Using paper glue, I created the some layers:

Then I made a design using all my layers (some of the glue is still wet in the picture):


After it was finished and dry, I put it into this Ikea frame / shadow box that I already had in the house:


I’m pretty excited about the result. I watched HGTV while I punched the circles and glued the layers, took a break and finished the project later in the day. The whole thing took two hours tops, probably less.

Oh – one more thing. I must give credit where credit it due. I was inspired by a craft project that I saw on Pinterest (originally from here):

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