Baby Shower Kisses

7 Feb

Jaimie loves Hershey Kisses. I knew I needed to have Hershey Kisses at her baby shower before I even knew she was pregnant.

As it turns out, Jaimie is having a boy and the shower is being held the first weekend of February. Can any bargain shoppers out there guess what that meant to me?

Yup, Hershey Kisses were on post holiday clearance. Specifically BLUE Kisses left over from Hanukkah promotions. I scored 5 bags of Kisses for  70 percent off the regular price. Yay me!

Thanks to my obsession with Pinterest, I learned that Avery makes a tiny round label that’s PERFECT for the bottom of Hershey Kisses. Here’s the original pin I found with the Hershey Kiss idea.

Jaimie’s shower was bookwormed-themed and the colors were blue and brown. Here are the labels I made on my trusty ink jet printer.

There are four kinds of labels – the bookworm (also used on the invitations and related materials), circles in brown and blue (also used on the invitations and related materials), LBJ (the baby’s fake name - it stands for Little Boy [and their last name]), and Jaimie & Dean’s Little Bookworm.

Here is an example of what the Kisses look like after they are stickered:

And here’s what they look  in little organza bags to be given away as party favors:

Do you love Hershey Kisses as much as Jaimie? What custom messages would you put on your Hershey Kisses?

UPDATE: Making your own custom Hershey Kisses? Use Avery 5408 labels. I understand they also work on the bottoms of mini-Reese’s cups.

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