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9 Feb

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The Idea
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So in between working on baby shower stuff, we’ve been plugging away at the mounds of adoption paperwork in front of us.

Specifically the essay questions. Uhm, did you know there were essay questions?

You biological parents had to fill out your essay tests, didn’t you?

Here’s what we have to answer in long form:

  • What is your understanding of how your APQ is used to match you to potential birth parents and create matches?
  • What is your understanding of how our agency will provide your adoptive family profile to birth parents to view?
  • What do you envision typical birth parents to be like?
  • What may her needs and fears about adoption be?
  • How can you provide comfort and security to birth parents?
  • What are positives to having contact with birth parents?
  • Negatives?
  • What are your thoughts/concerns about having to travel immediately within 24 hours of being contacted by the agency about a match and/or baby born?
  • What is your understanding of when your fees are due?
  • What type of financing have you secured for your adoption? What questions/concerns do you have about financing options?
  • What type of information do you expect to receive about birth parents and your adoption situation?
  • Looking at your APQ, what section(s) is most important to you (i.e., race, substance use, medical history and budget)?
  • In what section(s) do you feel you are the most flexible?
  • What materials/persons other than our Web site, staff and literature have you reviewed, read or used to learn about adoption?
  • What are your biggest fears/concerns about the adoption process at this time?
  • If you are open to adopting a child of another race(s), how have you educated yourself about transracial adoption or what information do you think will be important for you to best prepare for this task?
  • Have you considered how you will discuss your child’s adoption with him/her?
  • What have you read/researched on speaking to your child about adoption thus far?
  • What things have you done individually and as a couple to cope with any issues surrounding your infertility (ie. Counseling, support groups, message boards, clergy, etc.)
  • Have you done any medical interventions in order to become parents?
  • If yes, when was your last attempt?
  • What has been the hardest thing for you to cope with thus far?
  • Do you feel that both of you have had the opportunity to “close the door” on other attempts to become parents and are able to move forward with your commitment to adoption?
  • What questions or concerns would you like your Adoption Specialist to address on your phone call with her

That’s right – 24 freaking essay questions. So, if you’ve been wondering why so much time has passed and you haven’t heard about our adoption, that’s why.

If you need me I’ll be knee deep in our Adoption Planning Questionnaire. Next week I’ll be back with some thoughts about these question – specifically questions 19 – 23.

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