Before and After, Side One

24 Feb

You know, I just realized my last post lacks context. So, take a look at the before and after.

Here’s the before. The people who lived here when we bought the house used it as a dressing room. That’s because there were really no closets up here. Now we have two walk-in closets so we don’t need a dressing room.

And here’s the after. Every wall was knocked down up here so the change is subtle, but it’s there. The slope starts just a touch higher than it did before and the dormer is a just a smidge taller. Originally, I could just stand in there bare feet, and now I can walk in even if I have sneakers on. There’s also, of course, the duct-concealing window seat. The floors were also replaced. We were sad to say goodbye to the pretty heart pine, but we needed enough new floor that it just wasn’t practical to preserve it. Anyway, we LOOOOVE this engineered hardwood Australian Cypress.
In fact, the more dramatic view is actually the other side of the room. Where once the slope mirrored this side of the room, now we have full height ceilings. Also, the new big closet is over there.
Sadly, I haven’t taken those pictures yet … so you’ll just have to wait.

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