We Won a Baby Book!

27 Mar

Somewhere in my parents’ house, there is a baby book. It’s has a yellow cloth cover and several cards stuffed in the back, but it’s mostly empty. My mom and dad didn’t meet me until I was eight months old, tw0-thirds of the way through my first year.

Truthfully, I know plenty of   people who have yet to fill in a single page of the books they bought for their own babies so this is not something unique to adopted kids. However, there are pages and pages in the typical baby book that don’t really tell the whole story when it comes to adoption.

I should I have assumed that some enterprising folks out there would remedy that situation.

A few weeks ago our agency announced on Twitter that it would give away one copy of an adoption-specific baby book to someone who re-tweeted them. I did, and I won.

The book is really cute. Here are some photographs of the pages in the book that are different than the traditional baby books you’ve seen on the market.

All the requisite stuff is there with spots for highlights and firsts, but there are also pages about the match (when and how it happened) and the birth family. There’s also a page where you can explain why you chose adoption and a page to describe what the waiting was like. Instead of baby’s first year or baby’s first birthday, the language is written more carefully to fit a variety of circumstances  like “Your First Birthday with Us”. I think it’s unlikely that someone who adopts a 5-year old is going to want a baby book, but it’s entirely believable that people who complete international adoptions and bring home children just slightly over a year old would enjoy the tradition.

The best page in the book comes right after “Your First Year With Us”. It’s titled “Your Adoption Day”.

It might be a long time before we can use that book. In fact, if the experience of other moms and dads we know is a guide, we may never use the book. But I’m glad to know that if we’re so inclined there is a book tailor-made to the unique way our family will be made.

Did you fill out your child’s baby book? Did you have an adoption-specific book?

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