I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

13 Apr

For a whole bunch of reasons, I’m feeling anxious today. It mostly has nothing to do with the adoption.

Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I think when you reach a certain point in the game EVERYTHING is about the adoption.

We’re so so so close to activating, but there’s still one outstanding piece of paperwork and then we’re live on the site and waiting to meet our birth mom and our baby.

And I know someday that it’ll all turn out
You’ll make me work, so we can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid, that I give so much more than I get
I just haven’t met you yet

I might have to wait, I’ll never give up
I guess it’s half timing, and the other half’s luck
Wherever you are, whenever it’s right
You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life

Yeah, I have Michael Buble on a playlist. So what?

Our baby is coming. I don’t know when, but I can’t wait.


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