Sweet Little Nest(laces)

18 Jun

Three Sweet Little Nest Necklaces - ready for presentation

Yes, I know we just celebrated Father’s Day … but I haven’t told you about the Mother’s Day gifts I made a loooong time ago. I have a whole bunch of new mom friends who are super busy being awesome moms and working full time so it took me a couple of months to get these presents distributed. I couldn’t really share the pictures before I had presented the gifts, you know? Actually, I still have one to give (Katy – pretend you didn’t see this post, okay?).

I saw this idea on, duh, Pinterest - the filing system for all that is awesome on the Interwebs. Tutorials abound: here and here.

They seemed like a great gift from the blogger behind SWEET LITTLE NEST, huh?

I really love how my first attempts turned out and I think I could get even better over time. The wire wrapping takes a little practice so the more you make, the better you’ll get.

The nest with three eggs was gifted to my friend Kelly, mom of three great boys (her youngest is about 6 weeks old)

The chains also came from Michael’s, though I think I will order something different if I decide I want to make some more (other than one here or there for new moms).

The single egg nests were given to my friends Jaimie and Katy. They both have infant sons as well.

On the back of the cards I stamped one of my signature birds (we used these birds on the bag of our Christmas cards, as well). While not a perfect match for our blog header, I think it gets the point across.


The reverse side of the gift tags was blank so I was able to stamp a little bird back there.

Speaking of Pinterest, I tried a few new recipes for a Flag Day party we had this weekend. Remember that on our list of family favorites for the adoption placement agency I said that my favorite tradition is hosting a backyard bash to welcome summer and Don’s birthday? Well, Don’s birthday falls on Flag Day so we always call this our Flag Day party and theme it red, white and blue. I wanted to make some themed desserts so I tried out this red, white and blue trifle from Skinny Taste.

This picture is a little dark. I guess I should have taken the photo outside like the one I found on Skinny Taste. At any rate, it tastes awesome. Two thumbs up.

I also made a version of Martha Stewart’s No Bake Cheesecake recipe. I made my mine in individual plastic cups, though. I really like the way they turned out. Maybe I will post the instructions in a future post since I shot some pictures along the way.

Hats off to these flag cupcakes.

So, how about you? Did you make any of your pins a reality over the weekend? How was Father’s Day?

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