Documenting Your New Family

25 Jun

Photo courtesy of NickWeiler
1 for UK, 2 for Tennessee
courtesy of NickWeiler

Last week I read about a cool photography concept / project called the Red Thread Sessions. The project is the reason I looked up that old Chinese proverb about the invisible red string that connects us to everyone we are destined to meet our lives.

The photography project was designed to celebrate adoption in communities around the country by documenting new families. The Red Thread Sessions was started in 2011 by two photographers – one in Maryland and one in Texas. Both added to their own families through adoption. Soon they were joined by other photographers.

A Red Thread Session is a complimentary photo shoot held either when you bring your newly adopted child home or shortly thereafter. The photographer will capture your new family and your emotional homecoming, and will graciously waive their session fee. On top of that that they offer edited proofs from your session at no cost, though the exact particulars of how many, etc. is left to the judgement of each photographer.

In return, the adoptive families must agree to allow to the organization to share pictures of their session either in the gallery or on the blog. Seems fair to me.

Have you had a Red Thread Session? How did it turn out? Did you use a different professional to document your homecoming? My friend Chris, who is an excellent photographer, shot some video footage when his brother and sister-in-law returned from Ethiopia with their two sons. Did you have some standing by to film when you brought your children home?

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