Stock the Bar: A co-ed wedding shower

6 Jul

The agency-provided documents on preparing for a successful match instructed us to stay busy during the period of time we’re waiting.

Well, that hasn’t been an issue so far.

Right after we activated our crazy summer schedule kicked in. We had our annual Flag Day party one weekend and the very next weekend we hosted a co-ed bridal shower.

Our friends Kate and Ed are getting married in October and Don and I are both in the wedding party. Maid of Honor, Clare, and I planned a very cool Stock the Bar party for the happy couple who are both craft cocktail connoisseurs.

First, there was the Rickey bar.

Oh, Rickey. You're so fine.


What’s a Rickey? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

You're so fine you blow my mind.


We also featured other classic cocktails like Dark ‘N Stormys, Pimm’s Cups, Moscow Mules and fabulously dangerous gin punch.

As you can see on the Rickey bar sign above, there was a definite art deco vibe going on at this party. The black and white accents were hard to miss.

The bar was stocked at this Stock the Bar party.


Scattered around the party were these easy centerpieces – just an assortment of white flowers in liquor bottles.

Seven centerpieces made from pretty alcohol bottles


I love the way they turned out.

Adorning our mantle. Hey, isn't that a Nice Mirror back there?


Casey had a great time at the party, too.

Casey loves a good puppy den and will make one just about anywhere.


I’ve mentioned before that while I can rock party food and decor, planning party games is not my thing. Well, my losing streak might be over.

Kate and Ed love Cards Against Humanity, a party game billed as Apples to Apples for Horrible People.

**Warning: Before you click on the Cards Against Humanity link you should be aware that some of the responses are truly horrible.**

The guys who created Cards Against Humanity are so nice (not at all horrible) that they make the entire game available for free online (or you can buy a nice professional version of the game).

About a week before the shower, I had a great idea for the shower game. Cards Against Humanity: The Kate & Ed edition.

First, I printed out all the possible answers from the CAH website. I wrote the number “1″ on every card for the first sheet of answers, number “2″ on the second and so forth, and then cut each card out. In the end I had 23 answer packs each with 20 possible answers.

Then I created new questions pertinent to the situation. Questions included:

  • Until she married him, Kate had no idea Ed had a thing for ______________________.
  • Ed was sure to dress carefully for the wedding to avoid _______________________.
  • When  Kate pictured her wedding night, she couldn’t help but wonder about ____________________.
  • The thing that surprised Ed most about his honeymoon was _______________________.
  • Years later, when people spoke of Kate and Ed’s wedding, they always mentioned the ____________________.

I hung the 12 questions around the house with an envelope below each sign. As guests arrived they were given an answer pack and told to remember only their number. Then they just had to roam around the house choosing their best answer for each question and placing them in the envelopes below the questions.

I can’t remember all the winning combos, but here are a couple of possibilities:

  • Until she married him, Kate had no idea that Ed had a thing for soup that is too hot.
  • Ed was sure to dress carefull for the wedding to avoid peeing a little bit.
  • When Kate pictured her wedding night, she couldn’t help but wonder about the miracle of childbirth.
  • The thing that suprised Ed most about his honeymoon was all you can eat shrimp for $4.99.
  • Years later, when people spoke of Kate and Ed’s wedding, they always mentioned the Care Bear stare.

Later when Kate and Ed opened gifts, we read the questions and answers in between gifts. Kate and Ed picked the answer they liked best and announced the number written on the back. The owner of the most winning numbers got a bottle of gin.

I have never laughed so hard during a shower game. It’s a great option for people who aren’t likely to be into traditional shower games. If the CAH answers are a little too edgy for your crowd, just use the answers from Apples to Apples. It will be every bit as funny:

  • When Kate pictured her wedding night, she couldn’t help but wonder about Regis Philben.
  • Years later, when people spoke of Kate and Ed’s wedding, they always mentioned the charging rhinos.

Incidentally, both versions of the game work equally well for a baby shower:

  • Mama’s name did not expect to find ____________________ on the maternity ward.
    (CAH answer: A monkey smoking a cigar, A2A answer: Richard Simmons)
  • Some say the baby looks like mom. Some vote for dad. Most think the baby looks like ___________.
    (CAH answer: Brittany Spears at 55, A2A answer: Elvis Presley)

The last thing you need to know about Kate and Ed’s Stock the Bar party is that I made these whiskey caramels as the party favor gifts. They. Are. Amazing.

Seriously. You should go make some right now.

Have you thrown any showers lately? What games did you play?

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