Grey and Yellow Nursery

24 Oct

When we last left off, Don and I had been encouraged by our adoption specialist to “make a bucket list”. Yeah, she actually said that. Among the the activities that should go on said bucket list is decorating the nursery.

It’s funny, really, because both Don and I were sure they originally told us NOT to decorate the nursery. When I asked her about it, she clarified that now is a good time to decorate the nursery but if we find ourselves in a match before we get around to nursery decor then it’s suggested we wait until after the baby comes home.  It’s a precaution that they suggest in case of disruption. Apparently if you decorate the nursery with a specific baby in mind, it’s much more difficult to face the room after a disruption.

Of course, I’ve been thinking about what the nursery should look like for well over a year – partly because we’re excited to NEED a nursery and partly because when we remodeled the house last year we had to make a few decisions about that room. The wall color and the light fixture have been up for nearly a year now, but we’ve largely ignored the room since then. I wish it still looked that tidy, but we’ve used it for storage and other random junk so it’s a little purposeless right now. There’s an ironing board in the middle of the room, the bed is covered with towels we use for Casey that I don’t want to mix in with our own towels (it’s not that I don’t want his towels in with ours, but I don’t want Don to grab one of our nice towels to wipe down a muddy dog).  There are two pieces of furniture that aren’t nursery appropriate but that I don’t want to give away yet. And there’s a stack of art pieces destined for a gallery wall in the upstairs hallway.

So I decided to get my butt in gear and make a move on that room. I guess I was inspired by John and Sherry’s “Dude, Get on That Already,” projects over on Young House Love, though they started getting on that way back in January and I’m just starting to think about making my move.

So before I could bring myself to do the boring parts of the project, I decided some pretty inspiration would be in order. Here it is, my nursery inspiration.

Nursery Inspiration

1. Baby Crib Mobile by hingmade on Etsy

2. Hampton Bay Sadie Collection ceiling light from Home Depot

3. Yellow and grey owl from a whole bunch of places like this Etsy shop

4. Decorative Owl pillow by WhimsySweetWhimsy on Etsy

5. Handmade Botanic Gardens Grey Wool Rug on Overstock

6. That wall color we picked out a year ago, Light Yellow by Benjamin Moore

7. Gulliver crib in white from Ikea. I would have been skeptical of a crib from Ikea, but it has great reviews from Baby Bargains and real life owners.

8. Art project I made for the room. I smell future post!

9. Greyt / silver pillows I already made for the window seat in the room. The match the roman shades I made. Another future post?

10. Yellow dot and grey chevron fabric bunting from LittleFreeRadical on Etsy

Okay, no more delays. It’s time to Make a Move on That Room. This weekend, I own you.

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