Monthly Photos: Four Months

22 Apr

I can’t believe it’s been four months since we got the call that The Bird had arrived and we’d been selected as his very lucky parents. Although it was starting to happen in his three month picture, this month it’s safe to say that our little bird has crossed the threshold from newborn to baby. Take a look at our happy boy.

You can view the full size photo here.

This month we decided to list some of the places Harris has visited in his short life.

  • We went to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf when we were in California during our ICPC stay. Suzanne and Trish were with us and Tori was working over at Alcatraz. We could, of course, see Alcatraz from Pier 39 so we we waved and took pictures.
  • Way back in January we had a warm spell. Dean and I took Hayden and Harris to the zoo. I actually went ahead and became a member of Friends of the National Zoo that day so I expect we’ll be back a few more times before next January.
  • The Bird has been to Baltimore a lot, unfortunately. He normally has to come with me when I go for my eye check ups at Hopkins. Poor kid. He’s been there so much he might end up with a Maryland accent.
  • We went to visit Grammy and Granddaddy in Ocean City for my mom’s birthday in March. The Bird even went to Assateague ┬áIsland for the first time, but it was too cold so he slept in the car with Grammy while Casey ran off some puppy energy on the beach.
  • When Grandma and Abuelo visited in earl April we went to Washington Nationals game (we won!) and took in the cherry blossoms at the National Arboretum. The Arboretum was packed, but we got some nice pictures.
What have you been up to this spring? Any baseball game or blossom peeping for you?

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