Flag Day Printables

14 Jun

Don happens to share his birthday with the most important of the lesser known American holidays – Flag Day. Every year, I get to throw a big party for his birthday as long as I bill it as a Flag Day party.

Basically this means decorating for the Fourth of July a few weeks early and serving lots of red, white and blue foods.

This year I made two new pieces of decor I thought I would share with you.

Our front door will be adorned with this little sign (minus the Sweet Little Nest logo at the bottom):

I had it printed on poster board at Costco, but it occurs to me that it won’t be weather resistant. If I like the way it looks, maybe I will make a slightly smaller version next year and put it in a frame on the door.

I also had this sign printed on poster board. This one will be placed inside the house right next to doors that lead out to the patio.

I’m into the chalkboard backgrounds lately as you may have gathered from the Bird’s monthly photo projects.

Here is what the images look like without the Sweet Little Nest logos:

If you’d like to print your own signs for Flag Day or Independence Day, here are the files you need:

If you print them at home, you should be able to print on whatever size paper you have handy.

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