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23 Sep

It’s closing on three months since you’ve heard a peep from me. When last I wrote I had what I thought would be a bad case of poison ivy and nothing more. I thought I would take my antibiotics, use some Vitamin E oil on the scars, switch to oatmeal soap to keep my itching skin from driving me crazy, and go on enjoying the rest of my summer.

*insert maniacal laughter here*

Nine days after my last post I was in the hospital with meningitis. I remained there for seven days (five of them on contact prevention) and clocked another 10 days in a skilled care nursing home. For a whole variety of too-boring-to-get-into reasons, the doctors were not able to confirm what kind of meningitis I had. They ruled out viral and fungal, but both bacterial and aseptic were (and are) still on the table. Oddly, those two forms of meningitis are extremely different. One (bacterial) is fatal for as many as one in nine people who have it and requires aggressive treatment, the other is never fatal and goes away on its own.

Any guesses as to what happens when you can’t confirm the source of your meningitis?

Oh yeah. Full course of aggressive treatment, baby!

Even after I was discharged from the nursing home, I remained on anti-virals and antibiotics for many weeks. Finally on September 2 I took what I sincerely hope will be my last antibiotic for a really long time.

Since I wrote, lots of interesting things have happened re: adopting and raising a baby. The Bird has teeth (five of them), learned how to crawl, learned that he prefers walking while holding your hands and became a great eater. Our adoption was also finalized on August 6 and the Bird’s last name was officially changed to our last name.

As for me, I feel much better and look forward to less stressful fall.



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