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Susan and Don are adopting. And blogging. And blogging about adopting.

Don and Susan in 2011. Aren't they cute? Who WOULDN'T want to give them a baby?


It all started back in 2003 when we met.

Actually, it all started back in 1974 a long time ago when Susan was born and placed for adoption. Her amazingly awesome parents (seriously, you should meet them – they’re incredible), brought her home when she was nine months old. Looking back at photos of those early days now, you’d never know she hadn’t been with them since birth. She’s grinning from ear to ear. She must have even known on that first day what a perfect match had been made for her.

Anyway, adoption was a never a secret in the house even though, as was typical at the time, it was a closed adoption process. And since Susan knew about adoption before she knew about the birds and bees, she always assumed she would grow her family that way, too. In the end, she was pushed in that direction through forces beyond her control, but it was the right decision regardless.

So, back to 2003. Or forward to 2003. Whatever. The point is, that’s when we met. After a whirlwind romance (six years), we married.

By that time, we’d already decided on adoption. And a couple of years later, after we celebrated two anniversaries and bought a house, we finally got down to it.

Do  you have any idea how much information there is about adoption on the Internet? Do you have any idea how little of it was actually useful to us? Read about how and why we started Sweet Little Nest.

About Susan

Before becoming a famous adoption rights advocate and mommy blogger, Susan was a famous wedding blogger. And a famous candy blogger. Okay, none of that is exactly true, but she did keep a blog during the planning of her totally DIY wedding and she does blog about candy in her other professional life. Susan is crafty, and she loves to cook and garden. She’s obsessed with celebrity chefs and has herself made an appearance or two on the Food Network, the Today show, Good Morning America, etc. Also, she has a mild addiction to Pinterest.

About Don

This is not Don’s first time at the Blog Rodeo either. You may know him from his role as co-owner, managing editor and chief juggler over at We Love DC, a hyper local blog about the area in which we live. Although that’s a laundry list of titles, he primarily keeps the site from crashing too often fixes the site when it crashes. He’s super handy – exactly the kind of guy a girl like Susan (who has endless lists of DIY projects) needs to have around. He can repair a computer, build a staircase, fix a car and quote lyrics from show tunes. For real.

So, what else?

Ah yes. We DO accept sponsorships for Sweet Little Nest. Thanks for asking.

If you’d like to learn more, please let us know.

Don – don at sweetlittlenest dot com

Susan – susan at sweetlittlenest dot com

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  1. Martha Krafton January 12, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    I am a friend of Susan and Don’s. I met Susan on a professional level (eating candy …. I mean marketing candy) only to find that we were neighbors. She was always fun and had the best parties, not because they were wild and crazy, but because once you were part of Susan’s life, all of her friends wrapped their arms around you. Her parties included all of her friends, no matter what circle they came from, so what an eclectic, interesting mix. Enter Don. I’ve seen many couples meet and marry, but never have I seen a better match than these two. They truly complete one another. They craft together, cook together, they encourage one another’s interests but don’t seem to need to do every last thing together. And of course, they disagree, but guess what … I bet no matter how hard they’ve disagreed, neither of them has ever slept on the sofa in anger. So really, now that I don’t have parents, I’d sort of like to put myself in a time machine, come out an infanct and ended up being adopted by Susan and Don.

    **DON SAYS: We’d be delighted to have a kid who cooks as well as Martha. The being a great person would be a plus too. **

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