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The Situation

11 Jun

Photo courtesy of NVS_Inc
Snooki at Seaside Heights NJ
courtesy of NVS_Inc

Let me tell you about The Situation. No, not the one that hangs out with Snooki on the Jersey Shore*.

I want to tell you about our agency’s Adoption Situations.

As I mentioned in a previous post, most of the time our profile gets sent out we won’t know it. In a case where a potential match is close to our APQ but is not a perfect match, we will be asked for permission to show our profile.

American Adoptions does not turn down any birth mother, but sometimes there just are not families they can present. In those cases, details about the situation are posted to a special page on their website. The situations represent a very small number of the agency’s placements and are only listed when they are unable to locate an adoptive family from their pool of waiting families. Many of the Adoption Situations include reported drug usage, medical concerns or other factors. All of them include the caveat that the fees are higher than average because of increased costs (lots of the birth mother’s are on anti-drug treatment regimens, for example).

Anyway, I wanted to share the Adoption Situations page because you do not have to be active with American Adoptions in order to be considered. You do have to have a completed and up-to-date home study and be ready to share it immediately upon request, though.

So, if you any of those situations speaks to you, send an e-mail to the agency and get started. You never know, right?

*Related: Did you know Snooki herself was adopted at birth? Snoooki and I have so much in common. We’re both adopted. We’re both pint-sized. And we’re both … oh, wait. That’s it. Adopted and short.

I Love Reading Other Blogs: Plug and Play Parenthood

19 Oct

You guys! I stumbled on a great adoption blog today: Plug and Play Parenthood. Head blogger Heather seems to be out to create the same type of blog as we are: one that covers the personal aspects of adoption and provides a road map for others.

Also, she’s a little bit awesome. So is her husband. Here’s proof:

  1. During their first home study interview, Kevin was asked how they cope with life’s stress and he said, “Alcohol.” Naturally he was joking and, after a delay that was a bit too long for Heather’s comfort, he explained that he was kidding and that they often use humor to work through stress. Come on – that’s a GREAT answer.
  2. During the home visit portion of the home study, their dog was in heat and wearing underpants. Heather and Kevin thought it would look less strange if they also put her in a t-shirt to balance out the underwear. Seriously. They tried to convince their social worker that the dog didn’t normally dress up in gear, but the social worker may not have believed them since she found a dog-sized hot dog costume in one of the closets she poked through.

The good news is that they were approved for adoption despite these crazy happenings and other funny moments (you’ll have to go read her blog to find out more). This lightens my load a lot. I don’t want to pretend to be something different than we are to impress our social worker and this gives me hope that it will be okay to crack a few jokes or have quirky mishaps along the way.

So, basically, I have couple crush on them now. Best part? They were matched a few weeks ago and are expecting to bring home their baby boy after his birth in December. I will be following along.