The Roadmap

Agency or Parent-Placed?

Our Story -
Adoption Business Cards

Picking Your Agency or Agencies

Home Study:

Where to Locate Agencies That Conduct Home Studies

Our Story -
Part One: Picking an Agency for the Home Study
In which we are told that the best way to pick an agency is by trying to locate a gut feeling about the right agency. And surprisingly, it worked. Sort of.

Part Two: Picking and Agency for the Home Study (Or Why We Reluctantly Decided Against International Adoption)
In which we attend our first agency open house and decide that international adoption is not the right choice for us. Not right now, anyway.

Part Three: Picking an Agency for the Home Study (or How We Fell in Love with The Datz Foundation)

Part Four: Picking an Agency for the Home Study (or the Experience that Nearly Stopped Us in Our Tracks)


Picking a Placement Agency

Adoption Letters of Reference

Part One: Tips for Selecting Your References

Part Two: More About the Actual Letters

Part Three: Asking Our References

Additional Resources:


Creating the Family Profile

Choosing Profile Photos


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